Dear valued customer,

With this message we would like to inform you about the changes UK government has prepared for all imports from EU origins.

In short the change means that delayed import clearance (max half a year after arrival) that was in place after Brexit is no longer allowed. Goods can from the 1st of January 2022 only be delivered after full custom clearance has been done.

For the past 12 months, continuing through this year, our partners customs team have been reaching out to their database of importers to generate a ‘customs profile’ from your clients in the UK. Establishing their company details, contact details and who they intend to arrange the import clearances for them.

Whilst we expect that this is generally under control, we do like to emphasize the importance that in case your clients are approached by our partner with regard to this subject, adequate reaction to their requests is vital for the progress and timely clearance and delivery of your goods.

What is needed?

Where clearance is done by our partner Europa they require their Customs Contract document to be signed and a Credit Application form to be completed. This allows them to set your client up in their system.

Where this is not Europa, and your client in the UK has another appointed clearance agent, then Europa needs full details of that company. Contact details such as name, contact email and contact telephone number are required. In this way it is clear which broker is to be contacted and that written confirmation is on file that this company is to undertake the clearance for your client.

Europa will in such case not perform the clearance. However they will require from the appointed clearance agent to provide them with a proof of clearance before goods can be released for delivery.

We kindly ask you to check with your clients in the UK if they are aware of the new situation as of the 1st of January and if the necessary steps have been taken.

Please note that if consignments “dwell” in the Transit Terminal in the UK for longer than 3 working days, storage charge could occur. This may also delay the final delivery.

Collection and documentation procedures as are in place in The Netherlands will remain as they are.

Kind regards

BF Global Logistics B.V.