Dutch VAT rate increased to 21% as per October 1, 2012

Dutch VAT rate increased to 21% as per October 1, 2012

15 August 2011

As per October 1, 2012 the Dutch VAT* rate has increased from 19% to 21%. The following items should be on your checklist if your company is exporting to Europe via the Netherlands:

  • Adjust invoices to new VAT rate (Date of transaction is decisive)
  • Make changes in software used for invoices and financial administration
  • Adjust prices (price lists, price labels and prices stated on website)
  • Changes in cost price in case of businesses with (partial) VAT exemption and non-VAT-registered businesses changes in cost prices.
  • Check if/how increased VAT rate will affect your cash flow.
  • Consider if VAT deferment would be an interesting option for your company in case you have not yet.

*Value Added Tax (VAT) is due on the import of goods and servcies into the Netherlands and other European countries by all companies. Basically, all VAT paid by companies will be refunded by the Tax Authorities in various European countries three to four months later. As an incentive for foreign companies to situate their European distribution activities in the Netherlands, the Dutch government set up an attractive taxation feature called ‘VAT deferment’. Under this system, VAT does not have to be paid at the moment of importation, instead it can be postponed to the periodical VAT return.


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